because GRIT isn’t made in my comfort zone.
When I fail, I practice GRACE and try again while being GRATEFUL for the journey.
Along the way, I will EMPOWER others to do the same, and together we will make a positive IMPACT because we are
The Fit Effect.

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The Fit Effect’s mission is to spread knowledge on how to eat, move, and think in nourishing ways that creates a movement of empowered women

Check out below to see how we incorporate each into every workout.

Tone your BODY

Fun, high-intensity functional workouts that tone your muscles, build strength, increase endurance and boost your metabolism.

Strengthen your MIND

A coaching and meditation series created to enhance self awareness, reduce stress and control anxiety for a more confident you.

Feed your SOUL

A community of women with similar goals to build friendships and support systems with so you’re never alone reaching your goals.



Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing Yourself to Others

The comparison game is STRONG right now. I fall into comparison anytime I get on social media (especially Instagram). It's easy to fall into this trap, but the truth is that my problem can only be solved by one person. …You guessed it...ME. Comparison is natural. I...

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