We educate and coach our clients on how to eat, move, and think to get healthy and reach their goals. 

We offer small group and 1 on 1 Personal Training programs meant to help you see sustainable results for life. 

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The Fit Effect’s mission is to spread knowledge on how to eat, move, and think in nourishing ways that creates a movement of empowered women

Check out below to see how we incorporate each into every workout.


We recommend limiting your intake of processed foods and start focusing more on a whole foods approach. Whole foods give your body the vitamins, minerals, & nutrients it needs to help fight disease and function properly



Movement is vital to improving your health and seeing results. You can start by simply walking 3-7 days per week for 5-30min at a time. Do not feel like you have to start high, consistency is what you want. You can also start with the FREE at home workout in this guide.


In order to improve the way we eat and increase our movement to get healthy, we must also start improving the way we think about and view our health, our goals, and ultimately ourselves. Taking time to recognize and improve the ways we think will solidify the changes we see in our health.



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