Beat the overwhelm of researching the hundreds of exercise programs that exist. Follow this easy guide to decide which program is best for you and your goals!

Healthy living is taking off around the world. Gyms and fitness studios are overflowing with options, from spinning to lifting weights and everything in between. While having many choices can be a good thing, it can also be very overwhelming. The majority of exercise programs can be grouped into 3 categories:

  1. Group Classes
  2. One-on-One Personal Training
  3. Small Group Personal Training

Here is a quick and easy guide to help you make the best decision for yourself and your goals.


 Group Classes

What is it?

  • Group classes are led by an instructor or trainer usually at large gyms or franchises and can upwards of 30+ people.
  • Ex: large gyms or more-known franchises


  • Can be a larger space
  • Can have a greater variety in machines
  • Many gyms will offer a variety of classes
  • An opportunity to make friends
  • Cheapest option


  • No progress tracking
  • Large number of people (up to 20-30+)
  • Less privacy
  • Less accountability (easier to be forgotten about)
  • Less attention from the instructor (higher risk of getting hurt)

Best for women who:

  • Understand and practice correct exercise form
  • Know how to activate the proper muscles
  • Are looking to ONLY add movement to their routine
  • Have discipline to show up
  • Don’t need nutrition or specialized coaching

Not ideal for women who:

  • Have unresolved past injuries
  • Struggle with motivation and discipline
  • Need more guidance on form and muscle activation
  • Need more guidance on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle


One-on-One Personal Training

What is it?

  • Personal training is working with a trainer who creates a program that is 100% tailored to your goals and needs.
  • Ex: Membership gyms and boutique training studios


  • 100% customizable
  • Attention to form
  • Progress tracking
  • Accountability
  • Private


  • Most costly option

Best for women who:

  • Need more specialized attention

Not Ideal for women who:

  • Would lack support outside of the gym


Small Group Personal Training

What is it?

  • Small group personal training is the perfect blend of group classes and 1-on-1 personal training. You get the community and fun from large group classes while also getting the expertise, accountability, and attention that you would get for 1-on-1 personal training without the higher cost.
  • Ex: Most commonly found in boutique training studios


  • An affordable way to hire a personal trainer
  • Workouts that are adjusted to your individual needs
  • Support from your trainer AND your training group
  • Accountability from the trainer AND others in your training group
  • Attention to form
  • Progress tracking
  • Smaller group sizes
  • More privacy than group classes
  • Specialized coaching on nutrition, behavior, lifestyle, etc.


  • Not as cheap as group classes
  • Not as private as one-on-one

Best for women who:

  • Want to add movement into their routine
  • Would benefit from guidance on correct form
  • Would benefit from guidance on proper muscle activation
  • Need customized coaching on nutrition and healthy living

Not Ideal for women who:

  • Have unresolved past injuries
  • Have difficulty performing the following tasks: sitting, standing, getting up and down off of the floor, bending over, etc.


3 Quick Tips to Getting Started

  1.  Meet the trainer or instructor before enrolling. Finding a trainer whose personality fits well with yours is
  2. Choose a program you think you will enjoy! Getting healthy should be fun. You will never stick to something you absolutely hate doing.
  3. Experiment. Try different programs and give yourself time to adjust. Often times a program you dislike in the beginning can turn into something you love.


Do you still have questions?

Let us help you! The Fit Effect offers free consultations where we get to know you and your goals to find the best program to help you get there. Click the link below to schedule!



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