Why Our Clients Love The Fit Effect

I love The Fit Effect because I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, but in a way where I still feel comfortable. Like, I’m being watched after and cared for but strengthening myself every single day and even coming to The Fit Effect before I was pregnant I could see results almost immediately and it continued until when I got pregnant and obviously things changed a little bit, but I was able to continue my workouts and still feel comfortable and still feel like I was being pushed and to this day every time I workout I can think to myself this little baby is getting a bad a mom and it makes me feel stronger and more capable and it makes me love coming here every single time. – Tylar

I love the trainers and the community here at The Fit Efffect and I’m really glad that I did something new in 2020 and I invested in myself and in return I got to work on my health and I also made a lot of friends and met lot of great people that I’m both learning from and learning along with. – Vivekka 

I love The Fit Effect because it’s more than a gym, it’s a community of women that support each other. The gym can be a very intimidating place – especially for a beginner, but at The Fit Effect they make it a very fun, safe, and comfortable experience. The workouts are challenging, the trainers are amazing, I love that the program goes beyond just working out with nutrition counseling and recipe ideas. Most of all I love to the confidence that’s growing inside me everyday because of my time here at The Fit Effect. – Claudette

I love The Fit Effect because it pushes me to try equipment and exercises that I would have never tried before. I would only use five to 10 pound weights because I was intimidated by anything else. Now I’m confident in my ability and my strength and I love being able to have a strong support system and community of women around me to encourage me and challenge me daily. – Noelle

What I love about The Fit Effect is i started in the latter part of October and I had a closet full of clothes and I kid you not this is December 7th and I can go into my closet and I can basically put on every thing that I have been there without changing clothes. Audra, Danielle, and Michael are awesome – they keep me intact, I love it! If you ever want to come meet a group a nice young ladies who motivate you and get you going to make you do that one more extra thing, The Fit Effect is your spot! – Barbara

My favorite part about working out at The Fit Effect is you always get to do with a group of friends and you’re always challenged so if you’re having a rough day, you can always come in here and your friends pick you up and you feel good when you leave. – Christina

I love working out at The Fit Effect for a bunch of reasons, I started about six months ago and I came in with a few handicaps that these awesome trainers helped me work through, they meet you where you are, there a lot things if you’d asked me six months ago to do that I could not do and today I’m kind of doing them, not perfect but I’m doing them. It’s fun and the trainers are so attentive they always make sure I’m doing my best, and they are moving me around to make sure I’m not hurting myself and I get to workout with my friends and am meeting new friends along the way. – Terri

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